1Instant est un collectif d’aritistes adeptes du film instantané Polaroid…

26 rue de la Rosière d’Artois
44000 Nantes

The current set of original Polaroids is on display at GALERIE CONTRASTE in Nantes until October 12th.  I have agreed to loan my Polaroid to the collectif until October 2009.  My Polaroid is the one on the left just behind the gentleman in the red sweater.  I wish I could have attended the festivities in France!

The Polaroid is one I took using 600 film in my trusty old SX-70.  I placed the Pola in the freezer immediately for its developing process.  A lot of people have asked me, because its title is Frozen Ghosts, whether I scanned it while it was developing.  I did not.  I scanned it quite a few months after I took the photo!

One response to “1Instant

  1. that is so exciting! the exhibit looks great.

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