The Darker Side of Light

I’ll be mirroring my blog at here, as I don’t really know how much longer that site will exist.  Anyway… I love the blacks I get from Neopan film. I only wish my scanner had a profile for Neopan (as it does for Ilford and Kodak black and white films).  I have been told by an expert in scanning that I shouldn’t be using my scanning software’s presets in any case.
Here’s my little guy. He’s a computer geek like his Mama. He’s also obsessed with cameras, especially the Diana camera, which I have to hide from him. You can see the look in his eye…

As much as I love the genre of street photography, I’m not really a street shooter. My personal aesthetic is a bit more studied and quiet than that. When I’m out shooting in public places, I’m likely to end up with portraits of strangers in quiet moments of light instead… as is the case here.

There are two sides to every story. Here they are lightness and dark, one not better than the other…

I can’t always have my way when I am taking photographs. Models do have minds of their own after all. 😉 Here’s the infamous hat that I mentioned.

I have some more bokeh filled shots from this roll, but that will have to be saved for part 2. Scanning is such a laborious thing!

5 responses to “The Darker Side of Light

  1. The first portrait of Lindsey has some humorous posters in the shadows. A reference to creativity and a peeping Tanya. They are all very very nice.

  2. humm, interesting how most photographers make their pictures great by the use of light to draw pictures on the photo-sensitive paper. you make your pictures “speak” more through the lack of light. nice style =)

  3. Incredibly good pictures.

  4. I love the 2,3,4 and 6. The one with Clementine next to the door is fantastic ! 🙂

    Scanning negative is rather laborious, damn I hate dust, I may pass one hour on a photo to remove dusts !! 🙂

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