Patience & Persistence: Tools of the Trade

It’s easy to cite camera gear as the obvious tools of the trade when it comes to making photos.    For instance, I used a Hasselblad 500 C/M with a Zeiss Distagon T* CF 50mm f4.0 lens and a Hasselblad 60 1X UV-SKY -0 (1A) multicoated filter to make these images.  The film was Kodak Tri-X Pro 320.  For me, however, the real tools of the trade are nearly always patience and persistence.

I have learned that, if you are patient enough, you can shoot moving targets with a Hasselblad!



The cold, cold waters of Lake Superior…

Testing the Waters

Testing the Waters

And all around there is water…

The Waves

The Waves

The end of an afternoon…

The Benediction

The Benediction


2 responses to “Patience & Persistence: Tools of the Trade

  1. Have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your SX70 results. The photos that come from very expired film are so mysteriously unpredictable.

  2. man, i love those shots!

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