Addictions and Obsessions

This winter has been very long.   I had been leaving to work in utter darkness each morning and returning home to greet dusk, but, yes, there is finally daylight when I get home from work at the end of the day!  Winter has made it  difficult to find opportunities to shoot.  Recently,  however, I bought a Phalaenopsis (a moth orchid)  as a prop to phot0graph in the late afternoon light in the kitchen.  I also cracked open a Magic Pack of Time-Zero given to me by a special friend in addition to a pack of 100 Chocolate film that I bought from Polapremium.  Shooting both types of film definitely brought a bit of levity back to my life, and the Choco turned out to be something I love.

The Chocolate Addiction: Composing with the Land camera, especially with a closeup attachment (as was done here) is not an easy thing.  There is a lot of parallex error, and it takes time and a considerable wastage of film to learn to compose with the mind’s eye rather than with the viewfinder.  Anyway, this 100 Chocolate film, with its rich contrast and lovely crackelure, has earned my affection along with my other favorite film types, Neopan and Time-Zero.  My newly acquired love of chocolate.

Child of Mine

Child of Mine

The Obsession: I’ve been inclined towards nurturing my own obsessions throughout the course of my life.  I used to have a wild passion for orchids and owned and cared for hundreds of them!  Now they find their place in my life as occasional props for Polaroid photography.   Time-Zero film has been been the object of my affection for a long time now, though.  I hope I’m not like the fellow in Adaptation who says, “Fuck fish“.  I probably am, just a little, but I think my passion for photography is going to stick.

Sea Butterfly

Sea Butterfly

Sea Butterflies

Sea Butterflies



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7 responses to “Addictions and Obsessions

  1. have just come across your blog
    interesting to view all your photographs and experiments with film

  2. The chocolate is beautiful!!! You really can’t beat the time zero, though, especially how you interpret its’ potential; beautiful!

    I wish I could afford to develop film of any kind!


  3. I love the soft look of your pictures, beautiful work!

  4. You and the Time Zero film are definitely a good combination, and I must say your pictures made with the Chocolate film are beautiful. I really like the portrait of your son.

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

  6. I love “Obssesion”. Amazing work Elinor. love, Deyan

  7. Just discovered chocolate film. I love!

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