I’ve been experimenting with ways to get color with which I can live from Artistic Time-Zero film.  Sometimes it takes more than just a little of this, that, or the other to get the Polas to develop into something I like.  This last batch of experiments rendered some results I love, in terms of color.

Here’s my favorite of the last set of experiments.  Traces from a past life…

Traces of a Past Life

Traces of a Past Life

A Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)…



Opalescence, 2

Opalescence, 2

Another portrait of my daughter…

Surfacing from Dreams

Surfacing from Dreams

Thanks for taking the time to look,

6 responses to “opalescence

  1. Is this the film that was produced a couple years ago at the Holland factory? Just wondering, maybe the color is being affected by age.

  2. The colours are definitely you. What I like most about the time Zero are the variations and flares that appear like light leaks but are just a result of the age of the chems. Beautiful stuff!


  3. Lovely pictures and a gorgeous daughter you have. 🙂

  4. these remind me of spring coupled with instant nostalgia, the death that comes with this medium is always so heavy in your work. I think that is the part i adore the most, how you work against it. the friction

  5. Most lovely to see you here. I appreciate your visit. Wish I had more time to make photos or to scan the few I do. Hope all is well, H!

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