The Time Before Time

Last autumn (2009) I shot a pack of exquisitely expired Time-Zero film, and the results were primordial.  At about that same time I was reading up on Dreamtime.  The photos coincidentally reflected the materials I was reading, and so the series ended up with The Time Before Time as a title.

The Time Before Time

The Time Before Time, 2

The Time Before Time, 3

The Time Before Time, 4

6 responses to “The Time Before Time

  1. madislandgirl

    Very beautiful, very cool.

    I’m on a listserv to alert me about possible Aurora events (not that I hope to really ever see one in St Paul, but just interested to know it is happening somewhere), and these put me in mind of the Northern Lights (which I have never really seen).

  2. I would love to see them in full, too. These photos because of their longish exposure do have that feeling.

  3. what a wonderful feeling. where was it?i’m out in washington/idaho this week and it has the same kind of presentation weather allowing, this morning in idaho was a lot like this.

  4. It’s somewhere north of Duluth, MN. It must have been evening because the exposure was pretty long for the SX-70. 🙂

  5. how did you acheive these photos? t u

  6. evening exposure with expired film, richard. quite long exposure.

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